143-4 Lodge Road  Birmingham  B18 5BU

Leader: Mr Martin Withers

Secretary: Mr D L Williams

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Lodge Road Church Centre
A Member of the United Reformed Church
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Lodge Road Church Centre started life as Lodge Road Congregational Church in 1895.  The first Congregational Churches opened during the Reformation, from the 16th century onwards.  Unlike the other denominations, each Church was totally independent.  In 1972, most Congregational Churches joined with Presbyterian Churches to form the United Reformed Church.  The name ‘Reformed’ signifying that both came out of the Reformation.

Our Church has been in Lodge Road for over 100 years.  Our records show over a hundred people at worship on a Sunday, and busses needed to take the children on Summer outings.  Sadly, all this changed when the Lodge Park area was redeveloped, and members were rehoused all over Birmingham.

We are still the big building at the heart of Lodge Park.  We still offer the straight forward message of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  But more people and organisations want to hire rooms for their own use.  As a result, 5 other Churches now meet on the premises, along with several other groups, including Karate.  Lodge Park Residents Association will shortly open an enquiry office here.  We have therefore started a programme upgrading the whole building.

If you would like to know more, then do email us now.  Otherwise, pop in to our Wednesday morning Open Door between 10.30 and 12.30.  We offer a course called Christianity Explored.  This is a simple explanation of what we believe. Many people are surprised when they find out what Christianity is really about!