Lodge Road Church Centre is the big building at the heart of Lodge Park, and is the home of Lodge Road United Reformed Church. As our name implies, we offer the straightforward Biblical message of what God has done for us in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in thanking and praising Him - and sharing a little more about Him. Our main service starts at 4 on Sunday afternoons, and lasts about an hour.

We would like to start a less formal service, which could be on a different day of the week. Initially, it would be an introduction to the Christian faith, and would suit anyone who is not a regular Churchgoer, or indeed, anyone who would like to find out just how God can still be a real part of their life today!

If you would like to know more, please contact us, and tell us the times you would prefer. Wednesday morning is Open Door. Just pop in for a chat over tea or coffee. It starts at 10.30, and closes about 12.30, although we would like to extend into the afternoon, serving lunch. However, we will need to upgrade the kitchen before we can do that.

As you can see, we have started to update the whole building, and have ideas for other events to suit all ages. In addition, rooms are available for other groups to hire.

143-4 Lodge Road  Birmingham  B18 5BU

Leader: Mr Martin Withers

Secretary: Mr D L Williams

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Lodge Road Church Centre
A Member of the United Reformed Church
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