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Dear Friends,

If you are still giving something up for Lent, then well done!  When we had lunch with friends the other day, someone refused the chocolate pudding.  Guess what she had given up for Lent.  Not even chocolate pudding could tempt her!  For the last two months, we have been looking at two of Jesus’ temptations.  Those temptations show us something unique about this particular man.  Early Church councils put into words that Jesus is both God and man.  So imaging the disciples on the first Easter morning.  Their friend and teacher, who they thought would at least rid them of their Roman occupiers had been killed and buried three days previously.  But then came a rumour that the tomb had been disturbed, and was empty.  Peter and John raced to it.  John got there first, but being afraid of what he might find, did not go in.  Peter caught up, and went in.  John followed him.  In John’s own words (John chapter 20, verse 8.): “He saw, and believed.”

Those four words tell us of the moment when John, one of the greatest of the Apostles, realised what it really had all been about.  Let us spend time this Easter remembering what happened.  That God took our sins to the cross so we can be reunited with Him, and eventually join Him in Heaven.  Do have a wonderful Easter, knowing that what happened two thousand years ago was the most monumental event, not just for us, but potentially for the whole world.

With every blessing,